Instant Access Materials

If you have signed up with the bookstore to participate in the Inclusive Access program, you will need to add the Vitalsource tool to your course via Web Link.  By doing so, your students will be able to see important dates through this link, in addition to the opt out option.  If you are using coded courseware, the personalized access code will also now be available to students through Blackboard (in addition to the email from the Bookstore). 

This tutorial will walk you through how to add the content to your course.

Adding Course Materials – step-by-step tutorial pdf file

Directions for adding Instant Access content

  1. Go to the Lessons page in the course.
  2. Click on Build Content.
  3. Click on Web Link

4. Enter a Name for the link.
5. Add the following URL
6. Click on the check box beside This link is to a Tool Provider.

Vital Source Steps to Setting Up the Link

7. Click on Submit.

Accessing Content
When the student clicks on the new link that you have added they will see an image of the materials for the course, along with an opt out and “Reveal Access Code” button, where applicable.

As an instructor you will not see the options to opt out or reveal access code, but your students will based on the enrollments in your course.