Oral Health Access Provider

This course will prepare dental hygienists to properly and safely practice dental hygiene under the oral health access supervision program (OHASP). We’ll cover the basic concepts that allow a dental hygienist to provide dental hygiene services to patients when the oral health access supervising dentist is not present. This eight-hour course will cover topics such as treatment of geriatric, medically compromised, developmentally disabled and pediatric patients; common oral conditions; medical considerations; medications; behavioral management; recognition of abuse; recognition of what constitutes a medically significant change to a patient’s medical or dental history; infection control; and ethical and legal considerations. As required by 4715.372(B)(2)(b) of the Revised Code, the course will include all recordkeeping practices outlined in board rule 4715-9-01, and those pertaining to the OHASP as stated in 4715.361 to 4715.375 of the Revised Code and will be inclusive of all forms required by the board in association with the OHASP. 

NOTE: This course typically runs during the spring and fall semesters. If there aren’t any courses available at this time, please check this page again in the near future. For more information, please contact Elise Moore at 330-494-6170 ext 4887.