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Class A CDL Driver Training

You’ll get there in high gear with this 200-hour Class A commercial driver license (CDL) training that’s just seven weeks long – three weeks of classroom sessions followed by four weeks of behind-the-wheel range and open road training.Plus, day and evening options are available.

Drive trucks outfitted with 10-speed non-synchronized manual transmissions with 48’ length trailers. You’ll also be prepared for hazardous (H endorsement) and doubles and triples (T endorsement) written exams at the same time.

CDL permit not required to start.

The tuition of $5,700 includes textbooks and CDL exam fees (including truck rental) for up to two attempts. You’re responsible for the cost of Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, drug screening and temporary permits. You’ll need to obtain and provide satisfactory results of DOT-compliant physical and drug screening – a seat in class is not guaranteed until drug screening is completed.

SSC does not guarantee a student will receive a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or employment at the completion of training.


Stark State College
CDL Training Center
2270 Picton Parkway
Akron, OH 44312

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Root Cause Analysis and Team Problem Solving

This 4-hour course teaches the basic principles of team problem solving and how to identify the real reason a problem exists.  Included are the advantages of Root Cause Analysis, preventing problem recurrence, improving process flow, eliminating obstacles to improvement and basic flowcharting.

High Pressure Boiler Operations

This course offers basic information and counts for 1,000 of the state-required hours needed to take a high-pressure (15 psi or more) boiler operator’s test.  Content includes boiler feed pumps and fuel feeders, feedwater heaters and feedwater treatment and fuel combustion.  Participants will take sample tests to prepare for the state exam.

ISO9001:2015 and Related Quality System Skills

This course is directed at anyone with a desire to understand the requirements and basic skills needed to audit, manage and/or implement a quality management system.  Emphasis is placed on ISO9001:2015 but also includes basic quality and process concepts, effective communication skills and auditing skills.  Each student will receive an individual notebook for future reference purposes and a Stark State College certificate of completion.

Powered Industrial Truck Safety

Drivers of powered industrial trucks (forklifts) are required to be trained or evaluated every three years. Those who complete this three-hour Train-the-Trainer course will receive a certificate of completion and may then conduct safety training in their organization. It should be understood that hands-on driving skills are not learned in the classroom. The client will develop these at their own pace, in their environment.   

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Troubleshooting II

This is a noncredit course designed for maintenance personnel. The participant will learn basic safety, symbols, electro-hydraulics, plus an introduction to proportional control using hands-on lab techniques.

Fee includes required classroom materials.

For information on future offerings, contact Janet Miller at

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Troubleshooting I

This noncredit course is custom-designed for maintenance personnel. You’ll learn the operation and troubleshooting techniques of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. This includes component and circuit principals, safety, symbols, fluids, compressors, pumps, accumulators, control valves, cylinders, and motors using hands-on troubleshooting techniques.

Fee includes required classroom materials.

Machine Controls I

This noncredit course is for current maintenance employees to update and refresh their skills. Previous knowledge of electrical systems or Basic Electricity for Maintenance is required. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot and properly wire motor control circuits, pilot devices, limit switches and other industrial devices.

Fee includes required classroom materials.

PLCs – Systems

In this noncredit course of study, the student will learn safety precautions and concerns for PLC- controlled processes. After installing and wiring an Allen-Bradley SLC500 series with 5/04 processor PLC, the student will use RSLogix500 software to create a ladder logic program to control a small dual conveyor system.

Fee includes required classroom materials.

PLCs – Analog Controls

In this noncredit course of study, the student will learn safety precautions and concerns for PLC- controlled processes. Using RSLogix500 software and Allen Bradley PLCs, the student will program digital and analog PLC inputs to control digital and analog PLC outputs. Binary Coded Decimal (BCD), thermocouples, sequencers, bit shifting and PID loops will also be presented.

Fee includes required classroom materials.

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