Fire Fighter Certifications

The fire service is a noble and gratifying career. Firefighters are called upon to respond to many different situations. The main goals of a firefighter are to save life, protect property, to render humanitarian and special services, and to safeguard the environment. On any given day a firefighter may be called upon to respond to structural fires, car fires, animal rescues, brush fires, hazardous materials incidents, water rescue, and more. Firefighters are confronted with challenging situations and must act quickly and decisively to mitigate these incidents to protect the public and themselves from harm. Firefighters are held in high regard by the public they serve.

Fire Fighter Certifications

  • Volunteer Fire Fighter
  • Fire Fighter 1
  • Fire Fighter 2
  • Fire Fighter 1 & 2

To enroll in these courses a student must:

  • enroll in the College
  • be age 17 or in the last year of high school, OR 18 and out of high school
  • meet admission requirements as set forth in OAC 4765

For further information contact: Jeff Magee 330-305-6633 #2