Satellite Centers

Stark State is introducing new technology at their satellite locations that will allow students to communicate with their professor and classmates using the computer and webcam technology. Classes have a regularly scheduled meeting time at the satellite location and you will be able to see your professor, fellow students, presentation slides and ask questions like traditional courses.

Benefits of webcam (W4) classes

instruction Live instruction
Your professor delivers the class material via meeting software; you’ll see the instructor and fellow students on your computer screen and be able to interact using the supplied microphone or via computer chat.
webcam Learn new technology
You’ll become familiar with the Collaborate online meeting software and a webcam, commonly used for online meetings in the business world.
offerings Expanded class offerings
You’ll have the opportunity to take more classes at SSC’s convenient satellite locations, which may allow you to complete your degree sooner.

How it works

The Collaborate meeting technology is easy to use – if you can log online, send email and attach files, you’ll quickly master this software. Your online orientation will introduce you to the tools you’ll use in these courses.

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