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Medical Instrumentation Sterilization

MIST – program information

  1. How is the program designed?
    • The program combines classroom and clinical learning experiences.
    • The classroom activities are provided online.
    • Clinical experiences are provided at area hospitals and outpatient surgery centers in surrounding counties.
    • For those outside a 60 mile radius, clinical experiences can be completed in area facilities. Contact the program coordinator for approval.
  2. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for the program?
    • Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher
    • Required placement score or ENG011 academic writing
    • Required placement score or IDS102 critical analysis
  3. How do I apply to the program?
    • Apply to Stark State College.
    • Meet with an admissions counselor.
    • Download and print application and tour form.
    • Complete required background checks.
    • Complete the above courses and GPA application requirements.
    • Meet with the program coordinator for acceptance in the program. Completed application, tour form, and background eligibility notification must be brought to the appointment.
  4. What are some important things I should know?
    • Once enrolled, students must maintain a “C” or better in all courses (technical and non-technical) in the curriculum.
    • Students may not be eligible to be placed at clinical sites or find employment if they have a positive background check. See the health and public services criminal background check information for a list of potential disqualifying offenses.
    • You may have difficulty finding a job if you smoke.
    • Graduates are qualified to work in the field with either a certificate or associate degree.
    • Clinical experiences consist of two or three/five hour days per week depending on the semester.
    • Students must have basic computer skills to participate in the web enhanced courses.
    • Twenty four students are admitted into the program each fall.
    • There are additional costs outside of tuition, books, and other college fees. Entrance and health requirements may total approximately $700.
  5. Are there essential functions required to participate in the Medical Instrument Sterilization program?
    • Medical instrument sterilization technicians must have the necessary clinical skills to carry out the duties and responsibilities allowing them to practice in a safe and effective manner. Medical instrument sterilization technicians make use of the following: hearing, mobility, physical endurance and strength, motor skills, tactile senses, and visual acuity.
      • Hearing:
        Ability sufficient to hear and understand staff and preceptors
      • Mobility – physical endurance and strength:
        Mobility sufficient to lift medical instruments and equipment,  stoop/squat, move quickly, climb/bend,  lift 25 pounds of weight, push light equipment, push heavy equipment, walk, stand for extended periods of time, and sustain repetitive motion
      • Motor skills:
        Perform multiple tasks at the same time; have fine and gross motor skills sufficient to handle equipment and provide safe and effective patient care; steady arm and hand movements while manipulating objects; ability to sit and maintain balance, stand and maintain balance, reach above shoulders, reach below waist, pick up small objects with hands, and type using a computer
      • Tactile:
        Ability to sense and touch, feel vibrations, detect temperature (determine changes, warm, cold)
      • Visual:
        Ability sufficient to monitor and assess patient equipment, medical instrumentation, and catalog numbers on instruments. Should a student feel that he/she may not be able to meet the technical standards or physical requirements, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the program faculty and the Disability Support Services Office.
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