“Stark State makes it easy to go back to school”

Jason Milini

When the economy took a dive in recent years, it took Jason Milini down with it.

A 10-year steel company veteran, he at first thought things would turn around. They didn’t. “I knew my best bet was to go back to school,” he said.

He started at Stark State’s Downtown Canton Satellite Center now is on track to graduate with an associate degree in mechanical engineering technology with a fuel cell major.

Once he made the difficult decision to change his life, “Stark State makes it easy,” he said, with lots of help registering, choosing classes and more. Now a student worker, Jason smooths the way for others returning to school.

SSC’s downtown campus also is convenient, he pointed out, with a diverse student body and developmental classes that get both traditional and nontraditional students up to speed. Case in point: developmental math was one of Jason’s first classes, and now he’s tackling physics and calculus. Plus, he earned a 4.0 his first semester and has made the dean’s list ever since.

The McKinley High grad plans to take his degree into the workforce while still continuing on for a bachelor’s degree, preferably in the alternative energy field.

He’s glad he made the tough choice to come back to hitting the books. “Anybody can get a degree as long as they put 100% into it,” he said. “You’ve just got to be dedicated, work hard, and don’t give up.”