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Short-term Certificates

3-D Printing
3G (Pipe) Welding Certification Exam Preparation
6G (Pressure Vessel / Nuclear) Welding Certification Exam Preparation
Advanced CAD
American Sign Language
Architectural Drafting
ASE Test Preparation
Automation and Robotics Specialist
Automotive Aftermarket Vehicle Modification
Automotive Detailing
Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair
Automotive Transmission and Driveline
Basic Environmental Technician
Basic Industrial Maintenance
Basic Robotics
Basics of Sustainable/Alternative Energy Technologies (Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, Biomass)
C++ Programming
CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Drafting/Computer-Aided Machining) Specialist
CAT Lift Truck
CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)
Certified Patient Care Technician
Chemical Dependency
Civil/Surveying Drafting
Commercial Refrigeration
Construction Materials Inspection
Construction Technician
Dental Assisting
Department of Transportation (DOT) Safety Certificate
Desktop Publishing
Dietary Manager
Digital Photography
Disaster Recovery Preparation
E-Learning Specialist
Early Childhood Administrator Certificate
Electrical/Electronic Troubleshooting
Environmental Remediation Technician
Environmental Technician Supervisor
Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary
Formatting and Office Skills
Fuel Cell
General MIG, TIG, Aluminum, & Oxyfuel Welding ( General AWS D1.1 exam Prep)
Geographic Information Systems – Geospatial Technology Professional
Grant Writing
Graphic Design
Green Technology Essentials

Short-term cont.

Help Desk and Computer User Support
Honda PACT
HVAC Technician (Level I)
HVAC Technician (Level II)
HVACR Design and Application Technician
HVACR Electrical Systems
Industrial Controls
Industrial Electricity and Electronics
Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Infant Toddler
Java Programming
Judicial Court Reporting – Captioning/CART
Lease Operator
Machine Design
Massage Transition to Licensure
Mechanical Drive Systems
Mechanical Power
Medical Billing Specialist
Medical Instrument Sterilization Technician
Mercy Medical – Pre-Radiology
Microsoft Applications Professional
Microsoft SQL Server
Music Production
Natural Gas and Oil Technology ShaleNET C1
Ophthalmic Assistant
Ophthalmic Technician
Oracle Database
Petroleum Basic Industrial Maintenance Core
Petroleum Basic Industrial Process Controls
Petroleum Basic Industrial Process Operation Core
Police Science Career Enhancement Certificate
Precision Gauging and Inspection
Precision Machining and CNC Programming
Preparation for Cisco CCNA Certification
Quality Assurance Specialist
Rigging – Oil and Gas Industry
Safety – Heavy Industry
Sports Massage Specialist
Tax Preparer
Technical Communications
Titanium/Stainless Steel Welding
Toyota T-TEN
Toyota T-TEN (Electrical_Brakes_Steering and Suspension)
Toyota T-TEN (Electrical_Manual Transmission_HVAC)
Toyota T-TEN (Engine Repair_Engine Control_Automatic Transmission)
Training and Development Specialist
Training Software Applications Specialist
UNIX/LINUX Administration
Web Design
Welding Technology AWS (American Welding Society) Certification Exam Preparation
Welding Technology for Gas & Oil Production