ReadSpeaker IconHave you seen this icon in Blackboard?

Wonder what it is? Well, keep reading!!!!!!!!!

ReadSpeaker is a web-based software which gives a voice to Blackboard and Web content. It offers users both an online and offline Text-to-Speech (TTS) Solution. Using ReadSpeaker could increase motivation and provide a more positive attitude with regard to reading and improve self-confidence and perceived performance.

ReadSpeaker includes the following tools:

  • ReadSpeaker and docReader – reads content on Blackboard pages, both in English and in a variety of other languages. Learn more about the features in ReadSpeaker.
  • docReader – reads documents inside of Blackboard.
  • TextAid – allows users to upload documents, store them and have them read.
    • Documents can be downloaded and saved for offline review.
    • TextAid allows students to copy and paste anything they write and have it read back, making it a great tool for proofreading.
    • You can also download files in an MP3 format and listen to them on your mobile devices. This means you can listen to lectures while you work, exercise, drive, anywhere!
  • WebReader – TextAid Web Reader can be added to your browser, bringing speech to the Web.

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