2020 Design Excellence

Web 3

Web 3 - Excellence in Course Design
Course Number/NameFaculty Designers
AOT228 Virtual Administrative Assistant ProceduresKayla Klement
CDC122 Fundamentals of Chemical Dependency Practicum IShirley Riddle
COM122 Interpersonal CommunicationJim Belcher and Brad Palmer
COM125 (W3) Intro to CommunicationJessica Papajcik
DAS132 Dental Practice Coordination IIJill Kohler
HIS121 U.S. History I to 1877Ruth Dubinsky/Patti Brown
HIS122 U.S. History II From 1877 Ken Ambler
HJS250 Human Services and Justice Studies Practicum and Seminar Angie Smith Alder
IMT244 Digital Page LayoutEugene Starr
IMT253 Graphics for IllustrationEugene Starr
IMT255 Advanced Illustration Eugene Starr
ITD102 (365) Computer Applications – WordSandra Fuline
ITD105 (365) Computer Applications – Excel Sandra Fuline
ITD140 Digital Project ManagementHelen Mandalinich
MKT221 Sales (8 week)John David
MGT227 Operations Management (8 week)Chip Gerstenslager
PSC122 Introduction to Law And the Legal SystemAngie Smith Alder
PSY131 Psychology of PersonalityNicole Cleland
SSC101 (OER 8 week) Student Success SeminarTherese Revlock
TDS122 Training LogisticsHelen Mandalinich
TDS124 Instructional Design for the TrainerJulie Hardgrove
MKT121 Principles of MarketingDeb Casey

Web 2

AOT110 Intro to Administrative Office ProfessionalKayla Klement
BIO127 Human BiologyMichael Gruich
CHM100 Applying Chemistry to SocietyEbru Buyuktanir
COM229 PersuasionBrad Palmer
EDU232 Literature Across the CurriculumKaren Young
EDU235 Inclusive Classrooms for Young Children Marie Glossen
SSC101 (OER 8 week) Student Success SeminarTherese Revlock

Web 4

MGT223 Business Decision MakingMike Zerbe