Welcome to eStarkState’s blog. This is where you’ll find resources and articles on all things Blackboard and elearning. Articles on ways to enhance the online experience for both you and your students. We believe this site will become a place for all of us to grow and share everything we know about teaching, not just online, but everywhere.

Need help?

eStarkState is happy to answer any questions or assist with solving any problems with Blackboard, online classes, or online instructional concerns. We have the following help options available:

  • Check out our FAQ page. Our favorite and most used blog articles can be found here!
  • The eStarkState Faculty Blog is a great place for answers. Check it out here, https://www.starkstate.edu/eFaculty/.
  • We also have a blog for students. If you are helping them, you can find support here!
  • Stark State College Help Desk. Submit a ticket to request support. eStarkState make it a priority to answer these requests as soon as possible.You can submit a Help Desk online at  https://helpdesk.starkstate.edu/hc/en-us. If you’re submitting a ticket you must include the following:
  • Instructor Name
  • CRN Number
  • Detailed description of issue
  • Phone number

If you are unsure how to submit a help desk ticket follow these blog instructions, https://www.starkstate.edu/eStudent/help/submitting-a-help-ticket/.