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End of Semester Information

Here are the most popular topics for the end of the semester!

Proctored Exams

Stark State College uses Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB) to proctor exams. Proctoring can take place at the College Testing Centers, at sites that meet the proctoring policy guidelines, or by using Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor.

Blackboard has built-in proctoring software for exams. You have the option of requiring your students to use this software if they are taking exams from home.

There are a few steps to add proctoring to your exams:

  1. If you don’t see Respondus Lockdown Browser listed under Course Tools, you’ll need to add it. Click here for directions.
  2. Add Respondus Lockdown Browser to your tests. Click here for directions.
  3. Review the Secure Testing (Off-Campus) information. You will need to provide your students the link to download the software. It can be found in these instructions. Click here to review.
  4. Support for students. Send the following link to your students. It contains the links and instructions they’ll need to add Respondus Lockdown Browser to their devices. Click here for link.

Course Merges – Summer

What exactly are merged courses? It’s a process whereby we combine multiple sections of the same course into one-course environment in Blackboard. This allows an instructor teaching three or four sections of one course, the ability to manage the content, communication, and grading in one course in Blackboard. All the students from each section are pulled into one section. The sections not being used are disabled and not accessible.

This works GREAT for online classes. For face-to-face, it’s instructor preference. I (Linda) tried it, and it didn’t work for me. I found it too hard to keep track of the students in the classroom. Other folks have no problem. Online, it is a dream.

Important Note: Once the semester begins, you cannot unmerge the courses. Be very sure it’s what you want to do before you choose to do it.

Here are the links for Summer and Fall merge requests:

Need help?

eStarkState is happy to answer any questions or assist with solving any problems with Blackboard, online classes, or online instructional concerns. We have the following help options available:

  • Check out our FAQ page. Our favorite and most used blog articles can be found here!
  • The eStarkState Faculty Blog is a great place for answers. Check it out here, https://www.starkstate.edu/eFaculty/.
  • We also have a blog for students. If you are helping them, you can find support here!
  • Stark State College Help Desk. Submit a ticket to request support. eStarkState make it a priority to answer these requests as soon as possible.You can submit a Help Desk online at  https://helpdesk.starkstate.edu/hc/en-us. If you’re submitting a ticket you must include the following:
  • Instructor Name
  • CRN Number
  • Detailed description of issue
  • Phone number

If you are unsure how to submit a help desk ticket follow these blog instructions, https://www.starkstate.edu/eStudent/help/submitting-a-help-ticket/.