Sharing Videos

Panopto purchased Ensemble Streaming Media in 2021. Ensemble was the streaming media server used at the College for years to store videos. Over the spring and summer 2022, all videos hosted on Ensemble were migrated to Panopto. If you are using videos previously stored on Ensemble, you may need to do the following steps to enable students to view your videos:

  1. Click the Panopto Video link on the left menu of your Blackboard course.
Image displays the left menu bar in Blackboard. Click the Panopto Video link.
  1. When the next screen comes up, click the Settings button:
Image displays a Panopto Content window. Click the Settings button i nthe upper right corner.
  1. Next, click the Share link on the left menu. Then scroll down and look for the section marked “Who can access this folder.”  Click the Change link.
Image displays settings window.

Click the Share link on the left side. 

Then click the Change link under "Who can access this folder"
  1. Choose Public (unlisted) from the dropdown. Students will not be able to access your videos.
Image displays share window. 

Choose Public (unlisted) from the Share dropdown list.

That change will make all your videos visible to your students. If you have any questions, please submit a Help Desk ticket.