2024 Design Excellence

Excellence In Course Design – This badge is awarded to courses that successfully complete a rigorous internal course design process and meet national Quality Matters standards of best practices in online learning. This is a required step prior to sending a course to QM for a formal review. The Excellence in Course Design award recognizes the faculty effort to create a high-quality, engaging online course that aligns course content with course objectives.

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Course Number/NameFaculty Designers
AOT132 (2023) Records ManagementLuci Fuline
CSE122 Programming Logic and Problem SolvingSharon Hoover
CSE231 Java ProgrammingSharon Hoover
MGT222 Small Business ManagementChip Gerstenslager
PSC140 Comparative Government and PoliticsChris Amedeo

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Course Number/NameFaculty Designers

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Course Number/NameFaculty Designers