2023 Enhanced Course Design

Enhanced Course Design – This badge is awarded for completing a design process that enhances the overall organization and structure of a course to meet basic standards expected for online courses at Stark State College. This is a recommended step for all courses at Stark State College and is a first step towards the Excellence in Course Design award. The Enhanced Course Design award recognizes faculty effort in continuous improvement in course design.

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Course Number/NameFaculty Designers
CDC223 Chemical Dependency and PreventionBrian Moore
CDC224 Chemical Dependency and EthicsBrian Moore
CFS137 Computer Crime & Investigation Glen Goe
CFS257 File System AnalysisGlen Goe
CFS258 Cyber Forensics and Data RecoveryGlen Goe
CFS275 Ethical HackingGlen Goe
CIS222 Data Acquisition and AnalysisShanda Yaeger
CPD121 Data Modeling and Database DsgnShanda Yaeger
CPD224 Advanced Microsoft SQL Server DatabaseSharon Hoover
CSE121 Mobile Development ArchitectureSharon Hoover
CSE122 Programming Logic and Problem SolvingSharon Hoover
CSE236 Analyzing Software Requirements & Developing SolutionsLarry Ray
HIS121 U.S. History I to 1877Ruth Dubinsky
MGT227 Operations ManagementChip Gerstenslager
MKT222 AdvertisingMarcia Addison
NET220 UNIX/LINUX Operating EnvironmentDrew Grandon
NET264 UNIX/LINUX Sys AdminGlen Goe
PSY124 Industrial/Organizational PsychologyBryan Gerber
PSY222 Psychological Aspects of TherapyBryan Gerber
WDD122 Web Design GraphicsMichelle Loomis
WDD222 Advanced Cascading Style SheetsMichelle Loomis
Course Number/NameFaculty Designers

Course Number/NameFaculty Designers