Scheduling Meetings in Zoom

Scheduling a New meeting in Zoom – Step-by-step tutorial .pdf file.

Once Zoom has been added to Blackboard, you can schedule meetings.


  1. Open Blackboard and navigate to the Lessons page of the course and click on your Zoom link.
Click the Zoom link on the Lessons Page
  1. Clicking the link above will launch Zoom. If you’ve been using Zoom, this screen will look familiar.  To add a meeting, click the Schedule a New Meeting button, located in the upper right corner of the screen.
Click the Schedule a New Meeting
  1. This screen focuses on the details of the meeting. You will fill out the Topic, or Name, add a description, choose the day/date/time and whether or not this is a recurring meeting.
You can schedule a single meeting or a recurring meeting
  1. Because Zoom is in a Blackboard class, registration isn’t required and should not be used. You also don’t need to set a Passcode.

    If you want to use the Waiting Room, that is your call. This just means the meeting host must be in the meeting first to admit students.

    IMPORTANT: By logging into Blackboard, students are already authenticated, so further authentication is not required. Do NOT choose this option.
Registration and Security Section
  1. The final section has settings that are optional. It’s probably best if you don’t force users to have their cameras set to “On.” There might be things you can never unsee. This would be a great place to check the box to Record the Meeting Automatically. You’ll be able to provide the recording to students for review after class.
This section contains optional settings.
  1. Once the page is done, click Save.
Once the page is done, click Save.
  1. From the main Zoom page all of the class meetings are listed and easy to access and start.
List of meetings scheduled in Zoom

That’s all there is to scheduling a meeting in Zoom.