Zoom Breakout Rooms

Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom can seem overwhelming, but, it’s not. When you use Zoom from within Blackboard, the option to have Breakout Rooms is automatically enabled. If you access Zoom from outside of Bb, it may not be enabled, and you’ll need to manually turn it on. This tutorial will focus on using Breakout Rooms from within Zoom.

  1. Open Zoom and click on Breakout Rooms in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Full instructions can be found in this article.
  1. Zoom has great instructions on:
    1. Enabling the breakout rooms.
    2. Pre-assigning students to breakout rooms.
    3. For information on limitations on hosting or co-hosting, review the information found on this help page.
  1. Here’s a video from Zoom demonstrating the use of Breakout Rooms.