Adding an Image to Content

Adding an image to your content in Blackboard requires you to upload the files into Bb and then insert them into your content. Here’s how to do that:

  1. When you add content to Blackboard, the following toolbar appears:Blackboard Toolbar
  2. Click the Plus button shown below (the plus button) to begin the process of adding an image to the content items in Blackboard.Plus button on Content Window
  3. Choose Insert Local Files from the list.Insert Local Files
  4. Choose the image from your computer files.Choose Image
  5. Once the image is inserted, you’ll want to edit it. Right-click on the image and choose Image!Choose Image from the dropdown
  6. Add an Alternative Description to the image. This is an ADA REQUIREMENT. This is not optional.Fill in ALT Description
  7. The size of the image may be too large and need to be made smaller. Keep the largest image size number under 800.Reduce the size of the image
  8. Add your content and Submit the item.Add Text and Submit

Here’s a video that steps you through the process.