Share Content in Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate offers multiple ways to share content. Watch the video below for details on sharing the whiteboard, applications, and files.

Simplifying Weighted Gradebooks

Weighted gradebooks can be complicated to set-up and confusing for your students. This video will show you how you can simplify the process by using simple math to assign point values to your assignments and setting them up as a point based gradebook.

Global Course Messages

In Blackboard it is easier than ever to quickly check course messages from the global Messages menu link. Check out the video below!

Browser Support for Flash-based Files

Spring semester has brought a challenge with flash-based files and videos, many of these items are not loading properly for students.

From a technical standpoint, we have no control over this. The browsers have opted to stop supporting flash-based content. It’s not a Blackboard decision and we cannot make any adjustments to make files work.  

Recommended Solutions:

The best solution is to check the video source to see if they have updated their files. YouTube and Ensemble have both made the changes needed. You would want to use the new embed code and replace the existing coding that is in Blackboard.

Other files such as animations:
We are aware that the majority of these file were supplied by publishers. We suggest checking the instructor resources for your book to see if they have included any new resources that you can use. We’ve seen a lot of publishers create platforms with updated interactive content. Your book rep is a great resource if you need assistance locating these materials.

Video/Audio Feedback

In Blackboard, we have the ability to give video and audio feedback to students when we are grading.

Watch the video below for more information video and audio grading feedback.


Who doesn’t like earning achievements? You can set up achievements in your course to reward excellent work and encourage students.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to set up achievements.

Here is what the students see.


Where’s My Course?

Good news! Finding your course has never been easier. We now have the ability to navigate between terms and organize our list of courses based on personal preferences. Watch the video below for more details.

F18 Semester Startup Resources

Fall 2018 Semester Prep Resources

Fall Semester is quickly approaching. We have created a reference folder to assist you in preparing your Blackboard courses.

There is a time investment to prepare a course for the semester to begin. This will pay off when the semester starts and you are not worrying about opening lessons, creating last minute announcements and answering questions of student who cannot find due dates.

How to find these resources:
1. Log into Blackboard
2. Click on your Courses link
4. Click on the colder labeled Semester Prep Review

July 2018 Attendance Tracker

July 2018 Attendance Tracker

We have found a way to create an attendance tracker using Google Forms. Here is a quick video showing you how to create it and put it in your course.

What’s New – July 2018!

July 2018 New Blog Resources!

We are excited to announce, more resources have been added to the eStarkState blog!

There is now a new item on the menu labeled Student Help FAQ’s. Here, you will find information on common student issues. These issues/questions you are able to solve without sending the student to the Help Desk. Our goal is to help you give your students answers as quickly as possible!