2023 Design Excellence

Excellence In Course Design – This badge is awarded to courses that successfully complete a rigorous internal course design process and meet national Quality Matters standards of best practices in online learning. This is a required step prior to sending a course to QM for a formal review. The Excellence in Course Design award recognizes the faculty effort to create a high-quality, engaging online course that aligns course content with course objectives.

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Course Number/NameFaculty Designers 
CHM243 Biochemistry IAmy Jo Sanders
CJS124 PolicingJerry Snay 
DHY223 Community Oral HealthNancy Stanwick 
EST129 Switchgear, Trans, ControlsSteve Tornero 
EST230 Electrical Circuits & DevicesSteve Tornero
HIS221 World Civilization to 17th CenturyRuth Dubinsky
HIT122 Alternative Health Records and RegistriesJudy Edgar 
 MGT232 International Business Chip Gerstenslager 
 MLT227 Seminar Corinne Zellers 
  WDD229 Advanced Web Design Michelle Loomis 

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Course Number/Name Faculty Designers
CHM123 General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry Paul Custer, Ebru Buyuktanir, Amy Jo Sanders, Becky Moden, James Engle (lab tech)
 DAS228 Directed Clinical Practice  Jordan Kalaitsides

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Course Number/NameFaculty Designers