Merge Courses Request

Merging courses combines multiple sections of one course (Example: Faculty member is teaching 3 sections of HIS121) into one course in the Learning Management System (LMS). Managing course content in one section for three classes is easier than working in three separate classes in the LMS.

Faculty need to request that courses be merged. Requests to merge classes must be completed prior to the start of the semester. Please click the link below and submit your request.

When you submit a Course Merge request, we ask that a Parent and Child course(s) be defined. You MUST provide the FIVE-digit CRN numbers for both courses.

This image shows two courses listed in Blackboard. There are arrows pointing to the CRN numbers of each course. There is also a label stating "CRN Numbers."

The Parent course is the course in which you have, or intend to have, content. The Child course(s) will be merged into that course and once the merge is complete, those sections will no longer be visible in your Courses list. There is no right or wrong choice. One course must be designated as the Parent, and any other sections of that course will be designated as Child courses..

NOTE: You can add content to the Parent course before or after the Course Merge process. The courses do not have to be merged for you to begin course development.

The request for Course Merges will not be available until after the final course cancellation meeting has been held. This occurs the week prior to faculty returning.

How will you know when your courses have been merged?

  1. The Child course is no longer visible in your Courses list.
  2. Go to the Gradebook. You will see the Child Course ID column listed (see the image below).
Child Courses Listing in the Blackboard Gradebook
Child Courses Listing in the Blackboard Gradebook