2022 Design Excellence

2022 Design Excellence

Web 3

Excellence in Course Design - Web 3 - 2022

Course Number/NameFaculty Designers
ACC229 (W3 8 week) Computerized Accounting ApplicationsCatherine Sackett
CDC222 Fundamentals of Chemical Dependency Practice IIShirley Riddle
CHM105 (W3) Introduction to Forensic ScienceBecky Moden
DAS128 (W3) Introduction to Dental Terminology and AnatomyJill Kohler
DAS225 (W3) Dental Morphology for EFDAJordan Kalaitsides
ENG240 Women’s LiteratureMarie Cox
ENT224 (W3) Global EntrepreneurshipChip Gerstenslager
EST235 Power Generation and Grid TechnologySteve Tornero
EXS120 (W3) Exercise ApplicationsWally Linville
HIT123 Healthcare Legal and Ethical IssuesGina Schoolcraft
ITD122 (DSS) Computer App for ProfessionalsHelen Mandalinich
MAT103 Medical Law and EthicsDiane Laskey
MGT221 SupervisionEd Casey
MGT224 Human Resources ManagementChip Gerstenslager
MTH024 (W3) Foundations for StatisticsGary Orum
MTH025 (2022) Foundations for College AlgebraDarla Farage
SOC225 Diversity in American SocietyNatasha Willmott
SUR200 Surgical Specialties IAudrey Maarschalk
SUR202 Surgical Specialties IIAudrey Maarschalk
SWK225 Victim & Crisis InterventionShari Shiepis
SWK230 Social Services for the ElderlyVerlinda Bennett

Web 2

Course Number/Name Faculty Designers
NSG241 Concepts Patient Stable/UnstableLars Fisher
SUR104 Surgical PharmacologyAudrey Maarschalk
AIT103 Non-Destructive TestingSteve Tornero

Web 4

Course Number/NameFaculty Designers
FST224 Legal Aspects of Fire ServiceJeff Magee and Joe Martuccio