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Campus closing procedure

In the event that Stark State College should need to delay or cancel classes due to an emergency or inclement weather, students, faculty and staff should check the sources noted below for official notifications.

How Stark State College approaches delays and closures

  • Authorized administrators make the decision to delay or close Stark State College.
  • The College values the safety of its students, faculty and staff. Decisions are typically made considering the general status of the overall service area, road conditions, forecasted weather and other relevant factors.
  • The decision to delay or close is not dependent on any other educational institution. Stark State College will generally remain open when other area educational institutions may close.
  • There may be instances where specific Stark State College locations close while other stay open. The College will specify these instances in its notifications.

Cancellation notifications

  • Notifications for Stark State College delays or closures will typically be posted between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. the morning of.
  • Official cancellation notifications will be posted via:
    • College website:
    • Stark State College student email.
    • College Switchboard: 330-494-6170 or 1-800-79-STARK (1-800-797-8275).
    • SSC ALERT text notifications (alerts are for main campus and all satellite center locations).
    • Area television stations (see table below).
  • Notifications indicating “closed” represent the cancellation of both day and evening classes, unless otherwise specified in the notification (e.g., morning classes cancelled*).

Academic considerations

  • Coursework is the responsibility of students.
  • In the event of inclement weather or other hazards that may impact travel, students should use their own judgement as to safety and travel of the roadways in their specific area. A decision to not attend classes when school is open during inclement weather or other event is the sole decision of the student.
  • Students shall be responsible to complete all prescribed coursework. Academic consideration shall be given when a school delay or closing is enacted.

Affected people and locations

Cancellation of classes applies to:

  • All students, faculty and staff, unless otherwise noted.
    • If employees are required to report to main campus (either through notification message or call from supervisor), they must enter through the front entrance of the Student Center and sign in with the Security Office. Campus Security will be on-site from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. However, times may vary.
  • Main campus and other locations.
    • If a satellite center is located in a school district that closes due to severe weather, but Stark State’s main campus remains open, the administration will assess conditions and determine whether or not to close the satellite center.
    • If the satellite center is closed, an SSC Alert text and email notification will be sent out to notify students and information will also be posted on the College website, the main College Switchboard and local news media.

What is a delay?

A delay of classes means that the opening of campus facilities is delayed. Classes that BEGIN prior to the announced START TIME are cancelled. A START TIME will be indicated and the normal schedule of classes will resume at that time. Example: An announced two-hour delay means classes that START at 10 a.m. will resume as normally scheduled at 10 a.m. and classes that begin between 7:30 a.m. and 9:59 a.m. would be cancelled.

* In the event of a closing, cancellation of classes or a delayed start, Stark State College policy specifies that:

  • Morning classes begin before noon
  • Afternoon classes begin at or after noon.
  • Evening classes begin at or after 5 p.m.


iAlert Stations:

Additional Cleveland Stations:



  • WHBC 1480 AM / 94.1 FM
  • WJER 1450 AM / 101.7 FM
  • WAKR 1590 AM
  • WONE 97.5 FM
  • WQMX 94.9 FM
  • WNIR 100 FM

IMPORTANT NOTE: The most official, updated postings will be on the College Switchboard at 330-494-6170 and the College website. If you have any questions or concerns, especially during inclement weather, please check those sites frequently for updates.

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