Computer Graphic Arts Technology

Become a designer of visions! As a part of Stark State’s new program in computer graphic design, you’ll explore and learn the technology of visual communication. Working across mediums, students will be encouraged to reach beyond and redefine the boundaries of traditional graphic design and explore the huge potential of the digital environment.

An associate degree in computer graphic arts will prepare students to succeed in the areas of print or web media, design for the advertising and marketing sectors.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101 Student Success Seminar
ENG124 College Composition
IMT122 Graphic Arts Design
IMT131 Color Theory & Design
IMT141 Typography Fundamentals
ITD123 MAC Concepts
IMT132 Digital Photography/Graphic and Media
IMT137 Drawing Basics
IMT245 Graphic Arts Design II
IMT244 Digital Page Layout & Design
IMT253 Graphics for Illustration
COM121 Effective Speaking
MTH106 Math for Technology
BIO126 Science, Energy, & the Environment (lab)
IMT121 Interactive Media
IMT125 3D Graphics Modeling
IMT255 Advanced Illustration
ITD122 Computer Applications for Professionals
ENT120 Entrepreneurship
IMT254 Portfolio Development
SOC225 Cultural Diversity
WDD121 Internet/Intranet Design & Development