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What’s my ambition?

Inspiring courage.

Supporting opportunity.

Sharing knowledge.

Facilitating collaboration.

There’s a momentum underway at Stark State College, and its energy comes from the exceptionally dedicated employees who work hard for students who work even harder.

Success – in its many forms – is the result.

It’s the student who graduates with two job offers and zero debt.

It’s the young woman who didn’t think she had what it takes to the be the first in her family to finish college until an advisor gave her the confidence to keep going.

And it’s the success of every employee who is driven and inspired to deliver a better tomorrow.

A favorite part of my job is the connection with our students, being that person they know they can come to and count on. I love being someone who they trust and helping them through the challenges to get to the wins.

- Samantha Acree
SSC Akron Gateway Specialist

Stark State College truly changes lives. We get to help students reach their goals, expand their understanding and make connections for their careers that have a lasting impact. I’m proud of the work we do!

- Danette Bosh Alexander
Dean of Learning and Engagement

We’re fortunate to have a leadership team that demonstrates sound decision-making and wise stewardship of our finances. Every institution has had some struggles, but I feel like I am at a place where leadership tries to balance the needs and interests of students, faculty and staff.

- Michelle Igleheart
Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator, Dietary

I find myself most gratified by the opportunity to augment my students’ ability to express themselves articulately and professionally because doing so will prepare them for their careers and sometimes will facilitate intellectual and personal growth that may prove life-changing.

- Duane Dodson
Assistant Professor of English and Modern Languages


student centered focus

No matter your role at Stark State, the work you do will matter to the thousands of students who walk through our doors – and eventually across the commencement stage – on their journey to a better tomorrow. Learn how your ambition can be part of that journey.

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