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Community Corrections

Community corrections

Help people help themselves

As a community corrections professional you’ll oversee offenders both inside and outside of correctional facilities.

Many correctional institutions today focus not just on punishing offenders and keeping them away from the public, but also on rehabilitation to help individuals adjust to society and reduce rates of repeat offenders.

Focusing on rehabilitation, the criminal justice field has shifted to an emphasis on community social services for nonviolent offenders rather than incarceration. With this degree, you’ll be trained to work in the corrections field as a correctional officer or work in a correctional facility such as a halfway house or rehabilitation facility.

You’ll work with the courts and social services agencies to develop a plan of action for each individual. You can help a person transition from a correctional facility back into society or work with community agencies to prevent incarceration and help individuals overcome mental health issues such as anger, substance abuse, other mental and emotional disorders, and lack of job skills that will help them live up to their full potential.

Work in many areas, including

  • mental health
  • addictions
  • employment
  • counseling
  • rehabilitation
  • correctional facilities

Prepare for a career as a

  • corrections officer
  • probation officer
  • case manager
  • electronic monitoring specialist
  • pre-trial release specialist
  • day reporting specialist
  • Associate of applied science in human and social services

Program learning outcomes

  • Understand and integrate key concepts from the human services and criminal justice systems.
  • Successfully apply integrated concepts for successful intervention, treatment and documentation in community corrections programs and facilities.
  • Understand and emulate ethical practices and professionalism within the community corrections field.
  • Identify and understand the utility and availability of local community resources and their application to intervention and treatment of offenders.


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