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Institutional Review Board

Seeking approval to conduct your research investigations under the auspices of Stark State College gives the project viability and assures compliance with federal law for such activities. The primary purpose of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to assure compliance with federal regulations, which require specific research oversight functions to ensure that respect, protection from harm and fairness are essential parts of the investigator’s research protocol.

When people are involved as subjects in research or related activities conducted under the auspices of Stark State College, both the institution and the principal investigator incur responsibility for ensuring that the rights and welfare of participants are adequately protected. This responsibility extends to any mode of research development, instruction, training or related activity, including classroom and questionnaire studies, whether sponsored solely by the College or funded externally and conducted either on- or off-campus.

The guidelines for the conduct of research involving human subjects outlines definitions and processes and should be reviewed in depth prior to submitting the research proposal. Please refer to the appendix in the guidelines for the forms to be submitted to the IRB. For further assistance in understanding the application process, please peruse the Sequence of Research Protocol Review located in the appendix of the IRB document.

STEPS to completing an IRB application

  1. Review IRB document
  2. Complete CITI training
  3. Complete and Submit IRB application
    Fill out the IRB application electronically, then save and print.
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