3D Motion Graphics Technology

You’ll acquire an arsenal of the latest skills such as

  • creating assets for film, video, and games
  • demonstrating the ability to generate mood, emotion, character and story
  • demonstrating mastery of animation and motion graphics software and technology
  • creating animations using both 2D and 3D techniques
  • understanding workflow and production processes in animation and motion graphics

Industry-experienced instructors will help you develop a professional design portfolio to showcase to prospective employers or augment your existing work to advance your career.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101 Student Success Seminar
IMT121 Interactive Media
IMT122 Graphic Arts Design
IMT136 Principles of Animation
IMT137 Drawing Basics
ITD123 Mac Concepts
IMT125 3D Graphics Modeling
IMT223 Digital Video Recording and Editing
MTH106 Math for Technology
ENG124 College Composition
COM121 Effective Speaking
ITD122 Computer Applications for Professionals
IMT227 3D Graphics Animation
IMT237 Compositing
IMT240 Advanced 3D Graphics Modeling
IMT268 Advanced Video Editing
IMT249 Textures & Effects for 2D & 3D Design
BIO126 Science, Energy, & the Environment (lab)
IMT243 Advanced Compositing
IMT245 Graphic Arts Design II
IMT265 Motion Graphics Portfolio
Social Science Elective


Associate of applied science in 3D graphics and animation technology

  • video games
  • movie and television special effects
  • interactive media
  • 3D animated movies
  • health care
  • manufacturing
  • marketing/advertising
  • mobile technologies
  • animator
  • motion graphics artist
  • special effects designer
  • effects artists, digital artist
  • media designer
  • media artist
  • 3D designer
  • 3D artist
  • 3D animator and concept artist
  • 3D/2D motion graphic designer
  • 3D animator/artist
  • visual designer
  • visual artist
  • 3D modeler
  • Multimedia Group