Human and Social Services

Be ready to enter the workforce with training related to community resources, human behavior, interviewing skills, cultural sensitivity and ethical awareness. You’ll be eligible to apply to become a registered social work assistant, working under the supervision of a social worker to develop and organize programs related to cases such as substance abuse, rehabilitation or domestic violence situations. Social work assistants interview clients, compile data into reports to be reviewed by the social workers and communicate information about community resources that may benefit clients. You also may choose to continue on to a bachelor’s degree program to become a social worker.

The human services field is concerned with those services and occupations that provide for meeting the diverse needs of individuals and/or families for a more satisfying, self-sufficient way of life. Social services personnel must be knowledgeable about and sensitive to the unique needs and cultural diversity of people of all ages and socioeconomic circumstances. Students participate in a supervised practicum as well as classroom instruction to help develop and enhance professional skills.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

  • Student Success Seminar
    Introduction to Social Welfare
    College Composition
    Effective Speaking
    Computer Applications for Professionals
    Methods in Practice I
    Poverty in the U.S.
    General Psychology
    Cultural Diversity
    Human Biology
    Methods in Practice II
    Human Behavior in the Social Environment
    Explorations in Modern Mathematics or Statistics
    Substance Abuse
    Victimization and Crisis Intervention
    Political Science
    Basic Economics
    Human and Social Services Practicum and Seminar
    Introduction to Gerontology
    Group Processes


Associate of applied science in human and social services

Youngstown State University

  • mental health
  • addictions
  • family advocacy
  • nursing homes
  • criminal justice
  • crisis intervention
  • children’s issues
  • gerontology
  • case manager
  • chemical dependency counselor assistant
  • social worker assistant
  • crisis intervention assistant
  • family support assistant
  • group home worker
  • mental health technician
  • All students are required to undergo a criminal background check.
  • Katy Hatton Memorial Scholarship

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  • Human and Social Services Student Association
  • Student Connection Club