Dental Assisting

The dental assisting program prepares students for professional careers as basic qualified dental personnel or dental assistants, who can work in a variety of roles in a dental setting.  Graduates work in positions as clinical assistants, infection control managers, practice managers, dental hygiene assistants and/or receptionists in dental offices, dental clinics and public health facilities.

Students prepare for entry into the dental profession and train to provide basic, adjunctive and supportive dental services alongside licensed dental professionals. The curriculum includes instruction in the dental sciences, materials, radiography, office management, preventative dentistry and general chair side procedures.

With one semester of study and completion of the major courses, students can earn a career enhancement certificate and be able to sit for the Ohio Dental Assistants Certification examination, offered by the Commission on Dental Testing, Inc.  Upon conclusion of the career enhancement certificate courses, students are also eligible to apply for the Ohio dental assistant’s radiographer certificate.

Students, who complete additional coursework through four additional semesters of study, may earn an associate of science degree with a major in dental assisting.

Students who have earned a dental assisting certificate at a Tech Prep or Career/Technical Center Program and successfully completed state or national CDA examinations will be eligible to articulate their dental assisting courses toward the associate degree.

Major courses are offered during the day, evening and weekend – fall, spring and summer semesters.  This variation makes completion of the dental assisting certificate and/or degree option simple and flexible.

After one or two semesters of study and completion of the major courses, students will earn a certificate and are eligible to sit for the Certified Ohio Dental Assistant examination offered by the Commission on Ohio Dental Assistant Certification. If successful on the state’s written and practical exam, and upon registration with the Ohio State Dental Board, a successful applicant will be permitted to use the CODA initials following their name.

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with a dental assisting certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in dental assisting:

Dental Assisting Certificate

Associate Degree

  • high school diploma or GED
  • complete the College admissions process including completion of the COMPAS test and providing high school and/or college transcripts for evaluation
  • submit a health program application to the Academic/Records/Registrar’s Office
  • complete Critical Analysis (IDS102) or demonstrate proficiency in college reading through Compass placement assessment or ACT scores