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Video game design and development

A video game developer is a software developer (a business or an individual) that creates computer or video games. A developer may specialize in a certain video game system, such as the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, or the Sony PlayStation or may develop for a variety of systems including PCs.

Developers also specialize in certain types of games, such as RPGs (Role Playing Games) or FPSs (First Person Games). Some focus on porting games from one system to another. Some focus on translating games from one language to another, especially from Japanese to English; an unusual few do other kinds of software development work in addition to games.

Most video game publishing companies, such as Electronic Arts, Activision and Sony, maintain development studios, but these companies are generally called “publishers” and not “developers”, as publishing is the primary activity of these companies, and is the source of most of their income.

Other than the publishers, there are well over 1,000 video game development companies today. Many are tiny 1- or 2-person operations, or games for cell phones. Others are large companies with multiple locations, such as Foundation 9 Entertainment, which says it has over 300 employees. As a rule, developers are privately held companies; only a very few non-publishing developers have ever been publicly traded companies.

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with an video game design certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in video game design and development:


Associate degree

Program learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to acquire, organize, and evaluate terminology and information for making decisions and solving problems and providing solutions in a Video Game Design and Development environment.
  • Demonstrate employability skills and professionalism through sound work habits, ethics, and responsibility, and work individually and in diverse team settings.
  • Demonstrate solution strategies to formulate and write project descriptions and documents by using the appropriate computational, technical, and communication skills and technologies relating to the Video Game Design and Development field.
  • Use the appropriate design and coding of structured programs in the major software development languages relating to the web design and development field.


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