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Sociology (applied)

Earn your initial credentials in sociology affordably at Stark State in preparation to transfer to a four-year college or university sociology program. You’ll become familiar with the basic concepts of sociological thought, critical thinking and sociological methods while developing the critical-thinking, multicultural and analytical skills universities and employers are looking for.

Along with transfer options, you also may gain entry-level employment in both public and private service as an assistant to project and data managers, diversity consultants, marketing consultants and demographers as well as an entry-level public service worker.

Famous sociology majors include Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States; President Ronald Reagan; Robin Williams, actor/comedian; and Alonzo Mourning, former NBA basketball star. See more at

Work in many areas
(may include, but not limited to):

  • social/public services
  • program support
  • social science research
  • sales/marketing

Prepare for a career as a/an
(may include, but not limited to):

  • entry-level caseworker
  • analytics assistant
  • marketing assistant
  • research assistant
  • Associate of arts in applied sociology

Program learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic terms, theories, and concepts of sociological study.
  • Describe an understanding of the historical and cultural viewpoints as well as current thinking and research on sociological studies.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the meaning of cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Complete a capstone project in sociological research.

Transfer Agreements

Program Related Scholarships

  • Art Moyer Scholarship— awarded to students(s) registered in Human and Social Services, AA-Arts, Applied Sociology, or Psychology major, traditional or non-traditional student, full- or part-time, minimum GPA 2.70, and must be nominated by a faculty in the degree areas listed. Students should file FAFSA* before June 1 and complete the Foundation general application to be considered for Foundation scholarships.
  • View all scholarships

The sociological skills you learn in the classroom are directly transferable to the workplace.  Work with career services to incorporate these skills into your resume and cover letters.

Skills Learned in the Sociology Major Career Readiness Competency
Construct evidence-based arguments
Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of different research methods
Create hypotheses
Interpret results of different types of data gathering
Outline the history of society to see how a company can meet the needs based on this history & current population trends
Critical thinking/problem solving
Present information using software such as PowerPoint
Describe percentages and statistics in a bivariate table
Write a research proposal
Oral/written communications
Use the understanding of group dynamics to aid in team management
Evaluate leadership styles and how they affect individuals and the group
Compile and use feedback from multiple cultural perspectives to make inclusive decisions Leadership
Identify ethical issues in sociological research
Understand and interpret policy based on research
Professionalism/work ethic
Use computers to retrieve information to develop a bibliography or a list of references
Use computers for valid and reliable data collection resources
Identify how cultural and social aspects shape an individual
Analyze patterns from diverse sources and individuals to support a more inclusive society
Examine larger societal structures and how policy can and does impact people of different populations
Equity and Inclusion
Evaluate micro and macro perspectives to see the consequences of policy Career management

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