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Business management

Whether you’re ready to enter or re-enter the business field, this program will help prepare you for a management-level position. If you’re already a manager, it will provide a helpful edge for advancement.

You’ll acquire a broad understanding of all areas of a typical business operating in today’s dynamic environment with an emphasis on management topics of leadership, motivation, communication and team-building. Plus, you’ll gain skills for decision-making and learn methods for setting strategic and tactical goals, planning and organizing activities, leading employees and controlling operations.

Work in many areas, including

  • entry-level business management in a variety of industries

Prepare for a career in

  • entry-level business management positions
  • Associate of applied business

Program learning outcomes

  • Describe and analyze patterns of organizational behavior within contemporary organizations and apply management skills, human relations skills and motivational methods to create and maintain a positive work environment.
  • Apply appropriate mathematical, statistical and other quantitative and business methods to analyze business situations.
  • Demonstrate and apply professionalism, teamwork, and written and oral communications skills.
  • Utilize specialized business skills in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship, business development, operations, economics, as applicable, to understand businesses and how they interact with stakeholders inside and outside the organization.
  • Formulate goals and strategies to analyze the internal and external environment of business and demonstrate proficiency with developing strategies to identify and solve organizational problems for new and existing businesses.


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