Computer Programming and Database

Computer programming and database is a discipline that combines database management systems with computer software to determine ways to organize and store data. Graduates learn to identify user requirements, set up computer databases, and test and coordinate modifications to the computer database systems. An organization’s computer programmer and database scientist ensures the performance of the system, understands the platform on which the database runs, and adds new users to the system. Because they also design and implement system security, computer programmers and database scientists often plan and coordinate security measures. With the volume of sensitive data generated growing rapidly, data integrity, backup systems, and database security have become increasingly important aspects of the job of computer programmer and database scientist.

In addition, the associate degree in computer programming and database can be earned completely online. With online classes and flexible scheduling including day, and/or evening classes, students can complete an associate degree in computer programming and database in as little as two years.

Also, Stark State offers a one-year technical certificate for those interested in database systems.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101 Student Success Seminar
CIS126 Fundamentals of Information Systems
CPD121 Data Modeling and Database Design
CSE122 Programming Logic and Problem Solving
WDD121 Internet/Intranet Design and Development
CPD122 Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL
CSE229 Visual Basic Development
MTH108 Explorations in Modern Mathematics
Technical Elective
ENG124 College Composition
Arts & Humanities Elective
COM121 Effective Speaking or COM122 Interpersonal Communication or COM123 Small Group Communication
CPD222 Microsoft SQL Server Database
CPD221 Oracle Database: PL/SQL Development
CSE230 Advanced Visual Basic Development
WDD226 Web Development with PHP and MySQL
CPD223 Oracle Database: Architecture and Administration
CPD224 Advanced Microsoft SQL Server Database
CSE236 Analyzing Software Requirements and Developing Solutions
Social Science Elective
WDD227 Advanced Web Development with PHP and MySQL