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Assessment is the ongoing process of understanding, improving, documenting student learning, and quality of services. It is a cyclic process used to identify areas for improvement of student learning and services, and to facilitate and validate institutional effectiveness. In the Handbook of Accreditation, the Higher Learning Commission offers the following formal definition:

Assessment is the systematic collection, examination, and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data about student learning and the use of that information to document and improve student learning.

Through our mission, vision, and core values, Stark State College emphasizes a culture of quality instruction and services in support of student success. The core values serve to emphasize our commitment to our students, to learning, to shared responsibility, and to the continuous improvement of the education that we offer.

Assessment of student learning provides the college with the tools to help students achieve their educational goals. Student Learning Outcomes(SLOs), which include General Learning Outcomes (GLOs) and Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), expand the scope of inquiry from the individual student (who will continue to be individually assessed in courses) to the program level.

The college has identified six general learning outcomes (GLOs) that are considered integral to providing opportunities for lifelong learning, preparing students for successful transfer and competence in the workplace. Through a formal assessment process, students are assessed in courses and throughout the curriculum. Faculty can utilize tools to communicate with students about their readiness for learning and their effectiveness as learners.

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Co-curricular assessment is the ongoing process of understanding, improving, and documenting the continuous improvement of student and academic support services. It is a cyclic process used to identify areas for improvement of services and to facilitate and validate institutional effectiveness. Where possible, guidelines from Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) are incorporated into the process for non-academic assessment at the College.

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