Accounting Services for Health Administration Major

If working in both health care and finance/accounting appeals to you, this is your major. You’ll concentrate on essential accounting courses but also add knowledge about medical terminology, the basics of health care delivery systems, the complex world of reimbursements and insurance and the legal aspects of the medical profession.

In addition, the associate degree in accounting can be earned completely online. With online classes and flexible scheduling including day, and/or evening classes, students can complete an associate degree in accounting in as little as two years.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101 Student Success Seminar
ENG124 College Composition
BUS124 Business Analysis with Algebra
AOT226 Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel
BIO125 Medical Terminology
COM121 Effective Speaking
ACC132 Financial Accounting
HIT230 Health Care Delivery in the U.S.
MTH124 Statistics
BUS221 Microeconomics
Arts & Humanities Elective
ACC221 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC133 Managerial Accounting
ACC232 Governmental & Not-For-Profit Accounting
ACC229 Computerized Accounting Applications
MAT231 Reimbursement for Health Care Services
ACC237 Fraud Examination
ACC223 Cost Accounting
FIN220 Business Finance
ACC228 Business Taxation
HIT123 Healthcare Legal and Ethical Issues


Associate of applied business in accounting

Franklin University
Walsh University

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs;

  • a hospital or other health care facility
  • small accounting firms
  • government entities
  • accounting clerk
  • accountant
  • office manager
  • medical coder

Institute of Management Accountants Scholarships
Daniel Schonhoft and Thomas Presper Accounting Technology Annual Scholarship

Institute of Management Accountants student chapter
Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action Us club)