Pre-Medical Professional Concentration

(Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinary)

Interested in pursuing a career as a physician, a pharmacist, a dentist or a veterinarian? Consider Stark State College’s Associate of Science Pre-Medical Professional degree as your first step. Our degree will provide you with foundational coursework in the sciences and math that is required for most pre-medical professional degrees. Our courses are taught by highly credentialed faculty in a small class-room setting, promoting both student to instructor and student to student discussions. Our laboratory facilities have been ranked centers of excellence, and provide students with hands-on experience in the techniques used in today’s labs. And best of all, most of our courses are TAG/OTM approved, which means that they will transfer to public universities in the State of Ohio.

Stark State College currently has a partnership with the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) for students interested in becoming a pharmacist. Students can complete all 72 credit hours of the required pre-requisite course work at Stark State and directly apply to the College of Pharmacy at NEOMED. No bachelor’s degree needed. Students in this program are not only provided high-quality education, but also receive strong support and advising from both Stark State and NEOMED. As of fall 2015, Stark State has produced nearly 10 graduates with a 100% acceptance rate into the College of Pharmacy.

Students who are interested in pursuing pre-medical degrees related to medicine, dentistry, and veterinary are encouraged to contact the university where they plan to complete their bachelor’s degree for these pre-medical degrees to determine which electives we offer are best suited for their program.

  • Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Medical Professional Concentration
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University

Students completing the A.S. Pre-Medical Professional degree are qualified to continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree and apply to a medical professional school or directly apply to a doctorate of pharmacy.

  • Pre-Medical Professional Student Club