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Mechanical engineering technology

With a strong emphasis on practical application and experience, you’ll learn about mechanical principles involving design, tolerance, stress, strain, friction and vibration. You’ll conduct projects, record and represent data, analyze results and prepare formal reports.

Prepare for a career as a(n)
(may include, but not limited to):

  • mechanical engineering technician
  • process engineer
  • quality control technician
  • product development and testing technician
  • prototype developer
  • tooling technician
  • mechanical engineer

Stark State graduates have worked for these companies
(including, but not limited to):

  • Bridgestone Firestone – mechanical engineer
  • Custom Rubber Corporation – sales engineer
  • Goodrich – product support engineer
  • The Timken Company – product technician
  • Diebold – mechanical engineer
  • Parker Hannifin – mechanical engineer
  • Hubbell Power Systems – mechanical tester

Mechanical engineering technology vs. pre-engineering mechanical engineering

Both AAS engineering technology and AS pre-engineering degrees articulate to BS degrees at the University of Akron. (View comparison)

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with a machine design or mechanical power certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in mechanical engineering technology:


Associate degree

  • Associate of applied science in mechanical engineering technology

Stark State graduations have worked for the following companies 

  • Babcock and Wilcox – design engineer
  • Bridgestone Firestone – mechanical engineer
  • Custom Rubber Corporation – sales engineer
  • Goodrich – product support engineer
  • LG Fuel Cell Systems, Inc. – laboratory technician
  • LUK USA – tool designer
  • Sandia National Laboratories – CAD designer
  • The Timken Company – product technician
  • Goodyear Tire Company – 3D CAD technician
  • Diebold – mechanical engineer
  • Astro Tech – draftsman
  • Hubbell Power Systems – mechanical and electrical tester
  • Dominion East Ohio – design engineer
  • Graco Ohio Inc. – mechanical designer
  • Parker Hannifin – mechanical engineer

Program scholarships

  • Engineering Memorial scholarship
  • Choose Ohio First scholarship

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The mechanical engineering technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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