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About Stark State

Mission Statement

Stark State College provides quality, high-value associate degrees, certificates, and professional development in diverse, student-centered learning environments. The College is dedicated to lifelong learning; affordable, transferable higher education; and career success. Stark State College advances quality of life through access, academic success, stewardship, and business and community partnerships.

Vision Statement

Stark State College will be a leader in higher education and a catalyst for economic growth and community prosperity.

Open Door Policy

Access to Ohio’s state-assisted colleges must be assured for every person who wants and can benefit from higher education. Stark State College maintains an “open door” policy and cordially welcomes anyone who wishes to receive a higher education. Section 3345.06 of the Ohio Revised Code states, “A graduate of the twelfth grade should be entitled to admission without examination to any college or university which is supported wholly or in part by the state.” Open admission carries with it the full weight of equal opportunity for all, which means the College must make every effort to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of prospective students. The open admission policy allows a student to enroll in the College, but not necessarily in a specific degree-granting program. Normal admission to the College is open to anyone who is a high school graduate or the equivalent, completes the enrollment procedures and pays the fees for admission. This is exclusive of academic record or placement testing results. This open door policy does not deny specific technology departments the right to require preliminary training or talent. Students who do not meet specific program requirements upon admission to the College, may be required to satisfactorily complete such requirements before admission into a specific technology.


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