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Honors Program

If you’re an academically motivated student, Stark State’s Honors Program provides you an opportunity to expand your educational and career prospects.

The Honors Program prepares high-achieving students like you to transfer your cost-effective associate degree to a quality baccalaureate program. Whether you’re a first-time, transfer or current student, you’ll receive a broad scope of academically challenging, culturally enriching experiences in preparation for leadership roles in college, career, community and lifelong initiatives.

The program features

  • academic rigor beyond the standard college experience
  • critical thinking in and out of the classroom
  • a broad scope of cultural experiences
  • seamless transfer of associate of arts or associate of science degrees to four-year college
  • scholarships, including President’s Scholarship, STEM, Choose Ohio First
  • an honors seal on your diploma, and an honors coursework designation on your transcripts
  • articulation to four-year programs or honors programs for which you’re eligible
  • high levels of competence in leadership and civic engagement; critical thinking and problem solving; inquiry, analysis and research; and communication.

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University of Akron opens pathway for Stark State Honors students

Associate degree transfers may qualify for scholarships and honors admissions
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