KSU Stark BBA Degree Major

The importance of well-educated individuals in business cannot be overstated. The more education a manager obtains, the better chances for advancement. Stark State College recognizes the value of education beyond the associate degree and has teamed up with Kent State University to provide seamless transition into their business program. Stark State students can complete this special option in business management technology to receive an associate degree. An additional 42 semester credit hours of degree requirements are needed through Kent State at Stark to earn a BBA degree.

Students who successfully complete the Stark State program will be able to organize multiple business operations and make decisions using a team-based approach. They will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate ideas and concepts in a professional format. They can analyze and incorporate elements from internal and external environments for goal and strategy development. They will be able to demonstrate the ability to effectively manage, motivate, and delegate resources in an ever changing business environment. They can also show the ability to utilize and analyze quantitative measures effectively.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101 Student Success Seminar
BUS121 Business Administration
ITD122 Computer Applications for Professionals
BUS124 Business Analysis with Algebra
ENG124 College Composition
ACC132 Financial Accounting
COM121 Effective Speaking
MGT121 Principles of Management
BUS221 Microeconomics
MTH108 Explorations in Modern Mathematics or MTH124 Statistics
MGT221 Supervision
MKT121 Principles of Marketing
MGT227 Operations Management
ACC133 Managerial Accounting
ACC130 Business Law & Ethics
MGT224 Human Resource Management
BUS222 Macroeconomics
MGT223 Business Decision Making
HIS121 US History I to 1877 or HIS122 US History II from 1877
PSY121 General Psychology