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Strategic plan

Stark State College positively influences the life of each student and our communities by providing access to high-quality, relevant, and affordable education.

Stark State College aspires to be Ohio’s leading community college in fostering student success and community prosperity through innovation, responsiveness, and partnerships.



We will make decisions and establish policies based on how they impact students, while maintaining quality learning. Our first priority is serving and educating students.

Academic excellence

We will demonstrate value by upholding high academic and professional excellence and by meeting rigorous standards of certification and accreditation.


We will embody a collaborative spirit, both internally and externally. We will work seamlessly within departments, across the institution as well as in building and leveraging strategic relationships with education, business, and community partners to accomplish our mission.

Equity and inclusion

We will provide the environment that makes students, faculty, staff, and our community feel welcomed and valued. We will provide each student the support and services needed to be successful in the college experience.


We will implement creative ideas and take informed risks that enhance teaching and learning and student success, and we will be responsive to our ever-changing environment.


We will promote a culture that upholds the principles of truth, facts, transparency, authenticity, fiscal stability, and stewardship.

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