Strategic Plan

Stark State College provides quality, high-value associate degrees, certificates and professional development in a diverse, student-centered learning environment. The College is dedicated to lifelong learning; affordable, transferable higher education; and career success. Stark State College advances quality of life through access, academic success, stewardship, and business and community partnerships.

Stark State College will be a leader in higher education and a catalyst for economic growth and community prosperity.


Student Access:

We welcome and promote the diversity and range of perspectives that every person brings to our college. We strive to meet the different academic needs of our students through a wide variety of educational offerings, delivery methodologies, outreach strategies and community locations.

Student Success:

We provide an engaging, supportive, and empowering environment that creates the foundation for lifelong learning and individual professional development. This environment contributes to students’ persistence in attaining their educational and career goals. In partnership with the University System of Ohio, Stark State College supports students in advancing their education by providing transferable opportunities to continue a career path.

Academic Excellence:

We foster a college culture that provides high-quality education through affordability, transferability and institutional excellence. We uphold high academic standards and individual student support to ensure excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.

Business, Education and Community Partnerships:

We build strong alliances with businesses, educational institutions, government and the community to enhance opportunities for our students, foster innovation, and improve the quality of life. We support economic growth by responding to the immediate and emerging needs of our region in a global economy.

Fiscal Stability and Stewardship:

We believe the stewardship of human, fiscal, physical and environmental resources is integral to a shared governance model that upholds the mission and vision of the college and values the quality of teaching and learning. We take a dynamic approach to serving our students and community through fiscal responsibility, sustainability and strategic planning for change and growth.


We are committed to working both within the College and the community with high standards of personal and professional behavior, integrity and accountability. We believe that each individual is important. We pledge to treat each person–whether student, employee, colleague or client–with respect, equality and fairness. We value hard work, honesty, trust and commitment and believe that these traits bring achievement and self-fulfillment.