Here’s your starting point for a career in biological research, environmental science, science education, pre-med and more. Lay a solid and affordable foundation to transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree program in biology with most program courses in microbiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology and ecology easily transferring to Ohio colleges and universities.

You’ll find small class sizes and exceptional lab experiences and practical learning opportunities in first-class facilities. Highly qualified faculty provide mentorship, academic/career advising and networking opportunities with colleagues in the field.

Earn this degree in conjunction with an associate degree in biotechnology and get ahead of the competition.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

  • Student Success Seminar
  • General Biology I (lab)
  • General Chemistry I (lab)
  • Mathematics Elective
  • General Biology II (lab)
  • General Chemistry II (lab)
  • College Composition
  • Social & Behavioral Science Elective
  • Written & Oral Communication Elective
  • Concentration Group Elective
  • Biology Core Elective
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Arts & Humanities Elective
  • Concentration Group Elective
  • Special Topics in Science
  • Social & Behavioral Science Elective
  • Biology Core Elective
  • Concentration Group Elective


  • Associate of science in biology
  • environmental science
  • food science
  • genetics
  • medical research
  • animal science
  • undergraduate research assistant
  • entry-level lab technician
  • field research assistant
  • entry-level research technician
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