Gerontology Major

Prepare to enter the workforce with courses and training related to community resources, human behavior, interviewing skills, cultural sensitivity and ethical awareness with a focus on gerontology. You’ll be able to apply to become an Ohio registered social worker assistant, working under the supervision of a social worker to develop and organize programs related to cases such as substance abuse, rehabilitation and the aging process. You’ll also be able to continue to a bachelor’s degree program to become a social worker.

The gerontology major provides students with knowledge and understanding of the normal but highly variable process of aging and human development. The major prepares students to be more effective in working with older adults and in the implementation of programs and services for the elderly. The program is designed for professionals or paraprofessionals currently working in the field of aging, students who anticipate working with older adults or anyone who is interested in understanding the aging process for personal or professional reasons.

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with a gerontology certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in gerontology:

Gerontology Certificate

Associate Degree

Associate of applied science in human and social services

Kent State University

Graduates can register to become a social work assistant through the State of Ohio.

  • mental health
  • family advocacy
  • health care
  • nursing homes
  • crisis intervention
  • gerontology
  • case manager
  • social worker assistant
  • crisis intervention assistant
  • family support assistant
  • nursing home assistant
  • mental health technician
  • All students are required to undergo a criminal background check.
  • Katy Hatton Memorial Scholarship

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  • Human and Social Services Student Association
  • Student Connection Club