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computer engineering

Computer engineering

Computer engineering is a discipline that combines elements of both hardware and software. Computer engineers have additional training in the areas of software design and hardware/software integration. Computer engineers are involved on all aspects of computing, from the design of individual personal computers and supercomputers, to the integration of computer systems into other kinds of systems (i.e., a motor vehicle has many subsystems that are computer- and digitally-oriented).

Common computer engineering tasks include writing embedded software for real-time microcontrollers, designing chips, working with analog sensors, designing mixed signal circuit boards, and designing operating systems.

Computer engineers are also well-suited for research in the field of robotics, which relies on using computers together with other electrical systems.

  • Associate of applied science in computer engineering

Program learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to acquire, organize, and evaluate terminology and information for making decisions and solving problems and providing solutions in a computer engineering environment.
  • Demonstrate employability skills and professionalism through sound work habits, ethics, and responsibility, and work individually and in diverse team settings.
  • Demonstrate solution strategies to formulate and write project descriptions and documents by using the appropriate computational, technical, and communication skills and technologies relating to the computer engineering field.
  • Acquire, organize and analyze network operational requirements and be able to make decisions on equipment and software that is needed to meet the requirements given.


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