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Consumer information

Senate Bill 135 Information

Federal regulations require that institutions that receive Title IV Funding provide specific consumer information about the school to prospective and currently enrolled students and, in some cases, employees. Listed below is the information Stark State College is required to disclose and the Web links, brochures, catalogs and handbooks where this information is located.

  1. General institutional information
    1. Accreditation, approval and licensure of institutional programs
    2. Academic programs
    3. Cohort default rate, retention and graduation rates and other outcome measures
    4. Current College catalog
    5. Institutional facilities
    6. Faculty
    7. Requirements for officially withdrawing from the College
    8. Transfer of credit policies
      1. Articulation agreements
  2. Notice of availability of financial aid
    1. Contact information for assistance in obtaining financial aid
    2. Price of attendance
      1. Tuition and fees
      2. Costs and disbursements
      3. Textbook information
    3. Net price calculator
    4. Refund policy
    5. Return of federal financial aid funds
    6. Types of available financial aid
      1. Federal, state and institutional programs
      2. Student loan information
        1. Student loan repayment simulator
      3. Loan information for borrowers
        1. Entrance counseling
        2. Exit counseling
      4. Preferred lender lists and preferred lender arrangements
        Stark State College does not maintain a preferred lender list. All federal loans are processed under the Federal Direct Loan Program
  3. Privacy of student records
  4. Student services
    1. Facilities and services for students with disabilities
    2. Student activities
    3. Drug and alcohol abuse prevention program (Page 20 of College catalog)
    4. Vaccination policies
      Due to the fact that Stark State College is not a residential campus, there is no policy related to vaccinations of students except in the case where a student is enrolled in certain health care programs. Please see specific information related to each program.
    5. Voter registration
  5. Federal copyright infringement law
    1. Academic Honesty and Integrity 15-13-26
      1. The policies and procedures are searchable at by opening the link marked Complete P&P (PDF), then right-clicking on the document and typing in the search phrase for the policy. Students are responsible for being familiar with and adhering to College policies and procedures. Students without Internet access may use open labs to access Requests for printed copies of policies and procedures, or questions regarding any policy or procedure, should be directed to the Office of Student Services.
    2. General Copyright Guidelines – 15-13-12 within the Stark State Policies and Procedures document.
    3. Criminal charges related to copyright
  6. Career services
    1. Annual graduate status reports
      1. Class of 2022
      2. Class of 2021
      3. Class of 2020
      4. Class of 2019
      5. Class of 2018
  7. Campus safety
    1. Campus security policies
    2. Crime statistics
  8. Student success outcomes
    1. Fall-to-spring retention and course pass rates
    2. Fall-to-fall retention rates
    3. Annual degrees and certificates
    4. Three-year success
    5. Employment & further education
    6. Licensure, certification, completion and exam pass
      1. Business management
      2. Dental assisting
      3. Dental hygiene
      4. Dietary manager
      5. Dietetic technician
      6. Emergency fire services
      7. Emergency medical services
      8. Expanded functions dental auxiliary (EFDA)
      9. Health information management
      10. Massage therapy
      11. Medical assisting
      12. Medical instrument sterilization technician
      13. Medical laboratory technology
      14. Nursing
      15. Occupational therapy assistant
      16. Physical therapy assistant
      17. Respiratory care
      18. Surgical assisting technology
      19. Surgical technology
    7. IPEDS data feedback reports
      1. 2023
      2. 2022
      3. 2021
      4. 2020
      5. 2019
      6. 2018
      7. 2017
      8. 2016
      9. 2015
  9. Faculty members and credentials
    1. 2019-2020 faculty members and credentials
  10. Cyber security policy and awareness
    1. Cybersecurity 15-16-15
      Kevin Gardner
      Vice President of Business, Finance and Information Technology
    2. Stark State supports Cyber Security Awareness Month. Learn about online fraud risk and effective techniques for students to use to mitigate cyber risk.
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