Computer Science and Engineering Technology

Enter a world where software development and engineering are put into action. Our computer science and engineering technology program allows the student to go behind the scenes, applying creativity to high-tech toys. The student will have the opportunity to operate, describe and design stateof- the-art hardware and software systems. Our faculty will make students aware of contemporary issues in this field in both social and global contexts. Graduates will have a deep understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities involved in the profession, while effectively demonstrating outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

In addition, the associate degree in computer science and engineering technology can be earned completely online. With online classes and flexible scheduling including day, and/or evening classes, students can complete an associate degree in computer science and engineering technology in as little as two years.

Graduates of this program will

  • develop software using the major software development language
  • design, describe, and use state-of-the-art hardware/software systems;
  • maintain an awareness of contemporary issues in computer science and engineering in a global and societal context and an understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities of their profession;
  • demonstrate effective oral and written communication.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101 Student Success Seminar
CPD121 Data Modeling and Database Design
CSE122 Programming Logic and Problem Solving
CSE121 Mobile Development Architecture
WDD121 Internet/Intranet Design and Development
CIS126 Fundamentals of Information Systems
CSE229 Visual Basic Development
CSE231 Java Programming
CSE233 C++ Programming
ENG124 College Composition
COM121 Effective Speaking or COM122 Interpersonal Communication or COM123 Small Group Communication
Social Science Elective
CPD222 Microsoft SQL Server Database
CSE230 Advanced Visual Basic Development
CSE232 Advanced Java Programming
CSE234 Advanced C++ Programming
Technical Elective
Arts & Humanities Elective
CSE236 Analyzing Software Requirements and Developing Solutions
MTH135 Precalculus^– A student may take MTH125 (College Algebra) and MTH130 (Trigonometry) over two semesters to satisfy this requirement.
Technical Elective


Associate of applied science in computer science and engineering