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police science

Police science

The police science degree includes general coursework combined with a variety of criminal justice classes and the Law Enforcement Academy. You’ll be prepared for jobs such as municipal, township or village police officer; deputy sheriff; state wildlife officer; or other entry-level law enforcement positions.

If you’re currently a law enforcement officer, you can increase your opportunity for advancement in rank and enhance your leadership skills. Academic credit for the law enforcement academy portion of the program is available to officers who have successfully completed the Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy. With the exception of the police science academy, the majority of this degree can be completed online.

Stark State, in cooperation with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, offers the law enforcement academy. This is an intensive program which meets Monday – Thursday evenings from 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.; Saturdays from 8-5 p.m.; and approximately five Sundays 8-5 p.m. A new academy begins each spring, summer and fall semester and runs for approximately eight months.

Background checks are completed and submitted to BCI and FBI prior to acceptance into the program. Individuals who have been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, or drug convictions will not be eligible for the program.

All instructors are certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. Individuals who successfully complete the police science certificate program and pass the practical exercises are eligible to take the state (Ohio Basic Peace Officer Certification) examination.

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY, AND APPLICATION MATERIALS send an email to LEAinfo@starkstate.edu for an automated response with all the details.

Work in many areas, including
(may include, but not limited to):

  • municipalities, townships or villages
  • other law enforcement entities

Prepare for a career as a
(may include, but not limited to):

  • police officer
  • deputy sheriff
  • special agent
  • wildlife officer
  • watercraft officer
  • campus police officer

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with a police science certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in police science that you can take right to the workforce. Individuals who are already sworn officers may complete the police science certificate to be certified.

Police science career enhancement certificate

Police science certificate

Associate degree

  • Associate of applied science in police science

Additional fees

  • Lab fee for items such as ammunition, target, cruisers, gasoline, etc.

Program learning outcomes

  • Meet the physical fitness standards required to be a peace officer in the State of Ohio.
  • Demonstrate the psychomotor skills required to be a peace officer in the State of Ohio.
  • Apply the cognitive Student Performance Objectives required to be a peace officer in the State of Ohio.

Student organizations

  • Criminal Justice Student Association


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