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A loan is financial aid that requires repayment. All applicants for loans are required to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Loan eligibility cannot be determined until the information from the FAFSA is received by Stark State College from the federal processor and has been reviewed by our office.

Federal Student Loan Acceptance Process

You can accept your offered student loans online.

Once your financial aid application is complete, you’ll be able to review, modify and accept or decline your offered student loans by the term or by academic year, depending on your preference as well as expected enrollment and financial needs.

Please remember that the amount of your offered student loans is based on the assumption of full-time attendance. Once you accept your loan, your eligibility will be calculated based on your credit hour enrollment and cost of attendance. Once your student loan eligibility is calculated, your award will be updated, and you will receive a notification that it’s available to be reviewed online.

We hope this change to your financial aid award acceptance will reduce the burden of managing your financial aid award.

Please follow these instructions on how to access, review and take action on your financial aid package:

  1. Log in to mySSC
  2. Click on the My Financial Aid >> Financial Aid Home >> Your Financial Aid Dashboard
  3. Select the appropriate financial aid year and click submit*
  4. In the “Accept Award Offers” section, you’ll find your per term financial aid award package at the bottom of the page. You have several options for the loans you’ve been offered:
    • accept the full amount of the loans offered
    • reduce the amount you’d like to accept and submit that new amount
    • decline the loans offered in your award package. You are not required to submit any decision if you do NOT want to borrow the loans you’ve been offered. The loans will remain offered for the duration of the award year if you do not submit a decision.

Steps to student loans handout

Resources for student loan borrowers

To find information about your student loan history, sample repayment charts and for contact information for all federal loan services, go to

Interest-free one-time student loan administered by the Stark State College Foundation

  • Charles E. Schell Foundation, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee Interest-Free Loan Program – Student(s) must be between the ages of 18 and 25, must have United States citizenship, a resident of the following states, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia or any contiguous state, minimum 2.0 GPA, and must sign a promissory note for repayment. Application for the interest-free student loan can be made by meeting with a Gateway Specialist in M102. This is a one-time only loan not to exceed $1,000. Student(s) must file a FAFSA and file a loan application through financial aid to be considered for this Foundation loan.
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