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Restart My College Career

Are you looking for a way to finish your education?

Great news! You may be eligible for a new way to make it happen.

Restart My College Career gives students like you with an outstanding balance owed to the College a chance to clear your account, enabling you to reenroll at Stark State and complete your college degree.

To help you get started with the Restart My College Career program and get back onto your college and career pathway, contact us today!

Your good-paying career is waiting

There are jobs waiting for Stark State graduates – and that could be you! Over the next six years more than 300,000 middle skills jobs will be open in our region – jobs that pay between $36,000 and $42,000 in starting wages.

You can afford it

Restart My College Career lets you start over, reducing all or part of your prior balance. You could qualify for financial aid, and we’ll help you apply, whether it’s Pell grants or other tuition assistance.

You can excel academically

You should know that most Stark State degrees have been reduced to approximately 60 credit hours. Plus, math requirements have changed for many programs and tutoring is available. Also, you could qualify to earn college credit for your work or military experience.

We hope you’ll consider exploring this opportunity to get back on track for your college and career success.

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