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Student Organizations

For more information about specific organizations, please email or visit the Office of Student Life in room S100.


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Akron Perkins Club at Stark State College works with students to cultivate a diverse community together through the develop of leadership, promoting student welfare and participating in community service.  The club is based out of the Akron Perkins Campus and is open to all SSC students of any major.

There are many reasons to join the Akron Perkins Club. Join us!

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  The purpose of this club is to educate students on different forms of communication.
ADVISOR: Vern Sproat ( Room B215, ext. 4379 or 330-268-7406


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: The club will strive to provide services to the Deaf community through fundraising, works and by raising awareness of ASL whenever possible. The club will also provide opportunities to students in the ASL program to interact and use the language.


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Professional and academic development, leadership qualities and networking with the area professionals for the student members and leaders.
ASME National Web Site

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To help improve and maintain acceptability standards of professional practice by continuing the member’s educational and professional growth. To promote the welfare of the students in the MLT program. To promote communication between students, faculty, and alumni. To maintain professional standards outlined by ASCP and ASCLS – OHIO. To engage in educational and social activities to promote the general welfare of the MLT program at Stark State College.
ADVISOR: Maggie Hamilton ( ext. 4447

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: TriBeta is an honor society dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.  This chapter is not limited to biology, health, or pre-medical professional majors, rather it is open to anyone with an interest in the natural world and our relationship to it.  To support the vision of the national organization, our chapter focuses on student-led experiences exploring research and occupations through activities such as; student involvement in undergraduate research, mini-lectures from researchers and medical practitioners, community service collaborations with local organizations and the college, field trips to museums, university campuses, and the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, the chapter’s activities provide networking opportunities along with professional interaction and communication development for students.  To become a nationally recognized member of TriBeta there are two options, an associate member and a full member.  A student seeking associate membership will have completed one biology course with a grade of B or better.  A student seeking full membership will complete 2 or more biology courses with a grade of B or better.  Overall GPA is not part of the membership requirements as this is a subject-specific honor society.  To be eligible for induction as an associate or full member, each student will dedicate time to support the chapter by attending meetings, participating in fundraising, and community service to the college or external organizations.  Upon completion of the requirements and induction, the member will receive a membership card, honor cords, and will be recognized during the graduation ceremony as a Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society member in the published program.
ADVISOR: Nathan Miller (, ext. 4430

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  To provide students with the opportunity to read and discuss popular literature.  The club will also promote reading as an activity and encourage students to read in their lives.
ADVISOR: Brad Palmer ( Room E208c, ext. 5190

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Comic book club is a place where students, faculty, and other enthusiasts of narrative art come together. We love to discuss and debate comics, manga, graphic novels, and movies.
ADVISOR: Jon Judy ( Room E208a, ext. 4628
ADVISOR: Brad Palmer ( Room E208c, ext. 5190

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To provide students with opportunities to meet and socialize with other criminal justice majors, provide opportunities to volunteer in the community and network within the field, and provide opportunities to expand their knowledge of the profession.
ADVISOR: Angela Smith Alder ( Room M327, ext. 5282

CJSA club information

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: CRU at Stark State is an interdenominational Christian student organization ( seeking to provide a spiritual environment for students desiring to develop their relationship with God.  We want to see students everywhere embrace the purpose, love and forgiveness that God offers them in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Join us weekly on Mondays, 4-5 p.m. in B201 (Main) or A112 (Akron) or on Zoom for a student-led Bible study.  Information about our social events, service projects and Zoom link are found at
ADVISOR: Linda Gibson Room M317, ext. 5088
ADVISOR: Sheryl White

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  A not-for-profit organization, organized as a non-partisan federation of student chefs and other faculty or staff, dedicated to the promotion of excellence, education, professionalism and collegiality in the culinary profession.
ADVISOR: Leland Flanders (LFlanders@STARKSTATE.EDU) ext. 5755

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To promote the best of a culturally diverse atmosphere. This organization is committed to assisting all students in their endeavor to attain a higher level of education, by directing them to the appropriate organization or office to help them solve problems that may prevent them from meeting academic standards.
ADVISOR: Lori Adkins ( Room M108c, ext. 5611

Learn more about the Cultural Diversity Coalition. 

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To support educators, and recognize scholarship and excellence in Education. Provides opportunities for professional development, service learning and leadership.
ADVISOR: Marie Lyall ( Room K201, ext. 4984


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To promote environmental education, awareness, and appreciation, and to implement, educate, and assist in any programs of recycling, reducing, and reusing on the Stark State College campus and within the community.
National Association of Environmental Professionals Web Site

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To help improve and maintain acceptability standards of professional practice by continuing the member’s educational and professional growth.  To promote communication between students, faculty, and alumni.  To maintain the professional standards outlined by the American Dietetic Association and Dietary Manager’s Association.  To engage in education and social activities to promote the general welfare of the Dietary Programs at the college.
ADVISOR: Michelle Igleheart ( Room J325, ext. 5767


GOAL/DESCRIPTION:: Do you like solving puzzles? Then the Forensics Society is the right fit for you! Join us to learn about how forensics fits into most degrees! Enjoy hands on experiences exploring fingerprints, DNA, serology, trace evidence, criminalistics and so much more!

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Gamers Guild brings together students interested in graphics, animation, and video gaming. This is a social club that encourages students to come in and hang out with friends while learning about the various topics that affect the interactive media industries.
ADVISOR: John McNamara ( Room C100p, ext. 4749


GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  To assist incoming Minority Males in their transition to Stark State College (SSC) and being academically successful at the college.  Provide a means for responsible and effective student participation, provide opportunities for personal growth through organization and leadership opportunities and provide a means whereby students may gain experience through responsible participation.  Act as a resource for minority males on campus, encourage access and success on the part of SSC Minority Male students and provide a voice through which minority male student opinions may be expressed.  Provide a vehicle for students to develop meaningful contacts and relationships and provide a forum for closer interaction with the faculty and staff.

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: The High Technology Crime Investigation Association at Stark State (HTCIA) was formed to provide education and collaboration to our students for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.
ADVISOR: Glenn Goe ( Room C100ag, ext. 4857

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To provide a support network for students in the program. To provide an opportunity for students to network in the community. To provide an opportunity for students to be involved in a social service capacity.
ADVISOR: Verlinda Bennett ( Room M339, ext. 5164

Human and Social Services Student Association information

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To enhance awareness of the SSC’s electrical and electronic engineering technology programs, as well as the capabilities and communication within the Northeast Ohio Electrical/Electronic community. To provide a means whereby students may gain experience through responsible participation in electrical/electronic engineering technology activities.
ADVISOR: Vern Sproat ( Room B215, ext. 4379 or 330-268-7406
IEEE National Web Site
IEEE Local Web Site

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: The IMA Student Club provides opportunities for accounting, finance and business students to network with business professionals, to work together as a team toward a common goal and support our local community in project-learning opportunities.  Club activities include topics such leadership, ethics, certifications and career building skills.

Black Scholars Matter project
YouTube video about IMA

ADVISOR: Jane Upperman ( Room M335, ext. 4386


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Promote an increased knowledge of, and greater interest in the science, development, and management and applications of hydrogen energy, among members of Chapter and the general public.  Serve as an informational group providing information about hydrogen energy.  Serve as an intermediate and contact point between members and the industry/academia for job opportunities in hydrogen energy related areas.  Develop ties with other IAHE Student Chapters and National Chapters of IAHE.


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To promote better international understanding and cooperation at Stark State College. To help foreign students at SSC become acquainted with each other and the American way of life. To help Americans at SSC become acquainted with customs and traditions of other lands.

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the group known as LGBTQ+ is to promote harmony among all sexually diverse communities, end homophobia, provide a safe place for students to meet, support each other and talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and work on educating ourselves and the broader Stark State College community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues.
ADVISOR: Susanna Campbell (SCampbell@STARKSTATE.EDU) Room: B230F Ext. 4847

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  To provide a venue for students to share their knowledge with others wishing to acquire stronger mathematical abilities, create bonds and new friendships between students, and organize events, challengers, and competitions for members and non-members alike.
ADVISOR:  Florian Haiduc ( Room E229, ext. 4771
ADVISOR:  Khadija Khazafi ( Room B216a, ext. 4699


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Our mission is to promote professional collaboration and encourage creativity. Club members can garner experience and further their knowledge in a wide array of collaborative projects and events. The club includes, but is not limited to, digital arts (video, audio, photography, graphic design, 3D animation), performing arts (acting, podcasts, music), traditional arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, scriptwriting), etc. Topics will vary per semester depending upon participants.
ADVISOR: Ralph Lumley ( Room C100ah, ext. 4805

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  NABA’s Mission is “Empowering Black Business Leaders At Every Step in the Journey.” The NABA Student Chapter seeks to engage the next generation of Black Accountants and Black Business Leaders.
ADVISOR: Roy Baker ( Room M334, ext. 4964
NABA National
NABA Professional Chapter Cleveland:

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  A dynamic national organization serving the management interests of the entire technical contracting industry.  To promote and join in the operation of programs of practical training and related instruction for apprentices, and advanced training for journeymen in the electrical trade in this area.
ADVISOR: Vern Sproat ( Room B215, ext. 4379 or 330-268-7406
National Electrical Contractors Association


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Provide a support network for Native American students on campus and to also provide opportunities to learn about Native American peoples, histories, and cultures for both the organization’s members and the College community at large.
ADVISOR: Larry Ray ( Room C100w, ext. 4918

ADVISOR: Fred Jarka ( Room E235, ext. 4481

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To recognize and encourage scholarship among associate degree students. To provide opportunity for development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate to exchange ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.
ADVISOR: Shari Brooks ( Room S100a, ext. 4237
ADVISOR: David Sigmund ( Room C201, ext. 4631
Stark State Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Web Site
Phi Theta Kappa Ohio Region Web Site
International Phi Theta Kappa Web Site

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To provide like-minded students who are interested in Physics and Astronomy a place to discuss and explore the concepts of Physics and Astronomy through experimentation, sky viewing, discussions, possible field trips, guest speakers and bimonthly newsletters.
ADVISOR: Claudia Barr ( Room E261, ext. 4638
ADVISOR: Anna Andrews ( Room E216, ext. 4814

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To serve as a means of national recognition of the students’ early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement.  Provide opportunities to become acquainted with and involved with the larger field of psychology.  Provide a forum for developing one’s perspective about psychology and for building a sense of community and identity with others in the field.  Enhance leadership skills and encourage research.  Provide greater opportunity for student/faculty interaction outside the classroom.  Benefit the campus and community through programs and services.
ADVISOR: Nicole Cleland ( Room E208L, ext. 4623

Psi Beta club information

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: The club will provide opportunities to raise awareness about respiratory care in the community by fostering professionalism, volunteering, and networking within the field. The club will also promote the welfare of the students in the respiratory care program by participating in educational, social, and community events at the college.
ADVISOR: Jodi Lahmers ( ext. 4220

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Professional development, networking with the area businesses and industries, leadership qualities, and educational resources. Offers scholarships/funding in the Manufacturing education.
ADVISOR: KC Guthridge ( Room B215o, ext. 4418
SME National Web Site

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  The Sociology Association strives to provide a dynamic contribution to society by stepping outside the book and into the community. We seek to increase diverse opportunities in an effort to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the world. We attempt to utilize a fun and interactive approach to create an environment for the exchange of thought, ideals, and opinions.
Dr. Martina Sharp Grier ( Room E241, ext. 4502

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To promote software craftsmanship amongst its members.  Students will work together to hone their skills while branching out and learning concepts and best practices in varying areas not covered in traditional education.  Will fortify work skills and prepare students for employment after graduation.
ADVISOR: Derek Arnold (

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Stark State College’s Spartans Robotic Club is formed of student members whose goal is to work as a team to design robots to compete in annual robotic competitions. To complete this task, students will use and develop electrical, mechanical, and programming skills. During competition, students will network with a diverse population of students, professionals and enthusiasts to enhance their skills and help prepare them for employment after graduation.
ADVISOR: Richard Hartmann (
ADVISOR: Eric Lowe (ELoew@STARKSTATE.EDU) Room: B215EE Ext. 4129

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:  Stark Communication Society gives students opportunities to practice and apply communication and public speaking skills. The club offers coaching, workshops and other help for nervous speech-givers, and members enjoy a fun and inviting atmosphere in building relationships with fellow students and faculty. The group also gets help with the Effective Speaking class requirements.
ADVISOR: Brad Palmer (, Room E208c, ext. 5190
ADVISOR: Jim Belcher (, Room E248, ext. 4011

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: This club welcomes Stark State College students interested in writing poetry, prose, plays, novels, novellas, short stories, lyrics, and more. This club will provide an open forum to share work, receive constructive feedback, and participate in open mic readings/performances. During weekly meetings, members will review famous pieces of literature to enhance and explore powerful language and engaging styles. Calls for submissions, writing contests, and more will be explored. Club members can also present at the Student Symposium in April.
ADVISOR: Robert Berens RBerens@STARKSTATE.EDU  Room: E208a,  ext. 4844
ADVISOR: Marie Cox MCox@STARKSTATE.EDU  Room: E252,  ext. 4315

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To foster professionalism in the medical assisting students by providing opportunities to uphold the code of ethics of the AAMA. This includes giving back to the community, continually learning new things, and treating everyone with respect and dignity. To create a sense of belonging by having activities that brings all the students together for a common goal.
ADVISOR: Chandra Birl ( Room J300, ext. 4851

GOAL/DESCRIPTION:To afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.
ADVISOR: Amy Jo Sanders ( Room E218, ext. 4428

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Stark Stage Theater provides a fun and encouraging environment in which students can explore the craft of dramatic and comedic performance through workshops in improvisation and acting.  Participation in this club promotes public discourse and speaking skills and provides an opportunity to practice creativity and interpretation of character, setting, plot, and theme.
ADVISOR: Robert Berens RBerens@STARKSTATE.EDU  Room: E208a,  ext. 4844
ADVISOR: Marie Cox MCox@STARKSTATE.EDU  Room: E252,  ext. 4315

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To provide the students, faculty and staff of Stark State College with an informative and worth while publication. To keep the college community informed of school events. To provide a place for students to voice their questions and opinions. To spotlight any groups or clubs making news at SSC. To promote teamwork. To develop raw talent.
ADVISOR: Nicole Herrera ( E221, ext. 5209
ADVISOR: Ryan Gray ( Room C100

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: This program is comprised of a select group of students to represent Stark State College, both on and off campus. Student Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the College and the community.
ADVISOR: Jackie Hostetler ( M110h, ext. 4849

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: A category of membership within the American Dental Hygienists Association. Dedicated to the advancement and promotion of dental hygiene and is the association of the profession. Supports student dental hygiene activities. Membership offers students opportunities for travel, scholarship, research and scholarly activity, networking and employment assistance. The club focuses on fundraising to support activities and involvement in ADHA activities and conferences.
ADVISOR: Nancy Stanwick ( Room H209g, ext. 4540

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To represent students’ ideas and concerns to the College Administration and present possible solutions regarding concerns. To promote student participation in College organizations and to provide opportunities for student participation.
ADVISOR: Shari Brooks ( Room S200f, ext. 4237

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To help improve and maintain acceptable standards of professional practice by promoting the HIMT students’ welfare and communication between students, faculty and alumni as set forth by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).
ADVISOR: Judy Edgar ( Room J324, ext. 4213

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: Students shall have primary responsibility for selecting and carrying out social and educational activities. The activities of the organization shall promote the profession of nursing and support the educational endeavors of the membership.
ADVISOR: Stephanie Fischbach ( SFischbach@STARKSTATE.EDU) Room: J312. Ext. 4811

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To promote interest in and knowledge of Occupational Therapy. To support the educational endeavors of Occupational Therapy students at Stark State College.
ADVISOR: Kristine Deeken ( H209, ext. 4388

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To promote interest and awareness in physical therapy. To provide service activities for the community and college. To unite the first and second year Physical Therapist Assistant Technology students and participate in activities that would provide moral support to these students.
ADVISOR: Kori Boyd ( Room H209, ext. 4330
ADVISOR: Katie Sutton ( Room H209n

GOAL/DESCRIPTION: The Edge is a non-denominational group that provides opportunities to get into God’s Word, talk about what it means to follow Him, and to encounter Him in a real and personal way. College is a time to discover who we are, why we are here, and what our futures will hold… but it can also be filled with questions, daily struggles, and distractions. The Edge is a safe place to share these, encourage one another in them, and look to God to get us through them!
ADVISOR: Patti Brown ( Room M352, ext.4584

Encounter God in a real and personal way. Check out our YouTube video for more information.


GOAL/DESCRIPTION: To reach out to support and empower women of color to assist them in succeeding in their educational pursuits here at the College and in reaching their goals in the future. To make the campus community aware and educated about issues that relate to women of color in this community and around the world.
ADVISOR: Martina Sharp-Grier ( Room E241, ext. 4502

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